Graphic Design and Typographic


Daniel is a multi disciplinary graphic designer. Graduate with a Bachelor Degree at the Higher Institute of Design of Cuba, ISDi, 2005. Daniel has carry out project that include design of typefaces, editorial design, corporate identity, web, multimedia and audiovisual design solutions. His work has been presented in exhibitions of graphic design in Cuba, Switzerland, EEUU and Poland. He has taken part in different national and international workshops and events of graphic design. He organized, directed and taught the academic course of typography at ISDi during seven years. As Regional Coordinator of Tipos Latinos in Cuba, he led Tipos Latinos Biennial in Havana, in 2010 and 2014. He has been published in the book “Tipo elige Tipo. Guía de tipografías seleccionadas por prestigiosos diseñadores iberoamericanos" (Type choose type, typhography guide elected by prestigious Ibero-American designers), Spain, 2010; “Arte por Excelencia Magazine”, Spain, 2011; and “Slanted Magazine”, Germany, 2013.





Corporate Identity

Identity development and branding systems.

Institutional and corporate diagnosis.

Program development and corporate identity manuals.


Editorial Design

Development of visual and manual style rules for publishers, collections of books or serials publications.

Editorial design of dissimilar media: books, magazines, newspapers, etc.



Design and implementation of web pages, multimedia and software.


Typography Design

Design of corporate typefaces.

Design fonts for personal art projects. 




Location: Miami, FL.

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E-Mail: contact@dddossier.com