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My Role

UXUI Designer - 6 Months
Lead Designer - 18 Months
As Lead Designer

Confirming product design specifications with product managers.

Understanding the requirements and deadlines of engineers and developers.

Developing product design concepts from stakeholders requirements.

Identifying phases for the creation of new features in the product.

Setting schedules for project completion with projects managers.

Working closely with project managers in planning design tasks based on the defined roadmap.

Creating product requirements document (PRD) per features.

Iterating with the design team to come up with unique, comfortable and visually appealing results for users.

Troubleshooting design issues that emerge during the necessary design process.

Building and outlining product specifications for review by stakeholders and design team members.

As UIUX Designer

Defining users' needs, experiences, behaviors and goals for each feature.

Conducting competitor research to identify the preferences and experience of their target users.

Prioritizing and resolving UX debt at each phase of feature design.

Conducting persona research to represent the different types of users who might use the service.

Creating diagrams for representing process, user task, user journeys, information architecture, page flows, mind maps, etc.

Validating new experiences through the design process: ideation, definition, design, prototype, user testing, etc.

Building wireflows and prototypes for testing before obtaining the final design solution.

Preparing a single source of truth through a design system allowing to scale the design process and properly handing off to developers.

Creating a pattern library for designers and developers to save time by reusing already defined components.

Used Tools
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Overflow
  • Lucid chart
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Jira Software
  • Jira Confluence
  • Miro
  • Maze
  • Principles
  • Webflow

Project Phases & Timeline

Product Redesign for Mobile, Tablet, Web & CTV - 9 Months
New Features for New Releases - 9 Months
Introducing AVOD & SVOD Service - 9 Months

Product Redesign for Mobile, Tablet, Web & CTV

The design team's work in this initial phase focused on redesigning the product across all its devices. For several years the product had been using the same release and this positioned it in a vulnerable position against its active competitors that were increasingly penetrating the Latin-American market. The product was redesigned across all platforms and, the website used by the marketing team to promote and inform about the service was redesigned as well. As the redesign proceeded, a library of components and patterns was created. This allowed us to scale the design and implementation process for the next stages.

  • App Mobile
  • App Tablet
  • CTV
  • Website

Significant Achievements

UX Cases in this phase

New Release for New features

After defining in the previous phase the new product appearance and creating the component library, this phase focused on upgrading some features and adding new ones. Dedicated UX work at this stage was mandatory as well as proper time and effort planning. Each new feature required validation through testing and constant iteration with the teams for its development.


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Introducing AVOD & SVOD Service

The Internet has had a profound impact on video and the way we engage with it. The ability to deliver content over networks has opened the door for innovative online services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. We can now watch programmes whenever we want. This new generation of entertainment is Video on Demand (VOD). The increasing gravitation towards VOD content frees us from geographic restrictions and broadcast schedules, and fundamentally changes the way video is sold, produced and consumed. As the number of companies providing video streaming service increases, new business models are emerging to face the market competition. Currently, the most popular business models are: SVOD, AVOD & TVOD.

In this third stage of development, a new service was added to the product. Blim TV changed from providing only a paid subscription-based to a service that also offers a free subscription, paid by the advertising consuming. Additionally, the user was allowed to access the entire catalog without having to register. These changes in the business model required numerous adjustments to the UX and UI. The biggest challenge was to preserve the previous experience while adding important changes to the service.


  • Open Catalog
  • AVOD
  • SVOD

App Mobile, CTV & Website

Cases and galleries in this project

About Blim TV

Blim is an on-demand video service launched in February 2016, offered online via Televisa S.A. Provide access to streaming “movies, shows, and other programs” like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Its center of operations is in Mexico City, however, It's a popular service currently available in 17 countries. Blim company owns productions of Televisa, as well as titles of creators and distributors like Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and BBC.

On 3 September 2019, Blim was relaunched as “blim tv”, adding 30 live television channels and a year later it transformed its service. Today blim presents not only a Subscription Video on Demand but also an Advertising Video on Demand. This way allows presenting Premium (paid users) and Basic (free) user's subscriptions. I was part of this transformation, It was a project full of challenges and learning.

Product Platforms
  • App Mobile
  • App Tablet
  • CTV
  • Website

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